Time for a World-Class change!!

by : James Sorrell

It is time for the "equal opportunity for all" that technology makes possible!! We should have voice recognition so good by now that the keyboard would have been eliminated completely! Somebody is keeping the general public chained to a Model-T! The super-rich should be compelled to share, not just their surplus $$$ to eliminate poverty [365 of the world's richest people have as much $$$ as 2.6 BILLION of the poorest...that's 43 more than 1st class on the TITANIC!], but all the best toys so that there is equal opportunity for ALL!! Want to join a benevolent Revolution?? [The USA's Dec. of Indep. & Constitution allow an overnight change of the form of gov't. if the current one isn't working....it isn't!!! Other countries & peoples can join in too + everyone's welcome!] See the beginnings at (( http://keeperofflame.proboards24.com/. )) or http://excoboard.com/exco/index?boardid=1979 or this site [Vaccine & 'Keeper of the Flame'] and E-mail me at Capt.Kirk@aggressive.com

Reply by Captain America
It's about time for the USA to reach its full potential [for the first time]Free Articles, with equal opportunity for ALL! Abraham Lincoln said that "Equal opportunity for every American was the un-finished work of America"!