Stalkers and Hackers Evolving

by : Kellie Hastings

One million women and 400,000 men were stalked online last year in the United States alone. Are you a desired candidate? Are any of us? Do any of us really care? Or is it because we haven't the time to concern ourselves.

So, why are the numbers so high? And who are the culprits? Do you think because you're an adult you're not vulnerable? THINK AGAIN!

It used to be known that the average hacker was some brilliant University grad and the average online stalker, a prankster out for the thrill of causing trouble or some jilted lover. However, statistics reveal hackers and stalkers of today are far more advanced, intelligent and much older. Large corporations online and off have become vulnerable. And residential computer systems have become targeted for other reasons.

But one might believe otherwise if they haven't money to attract a hacker. However, it's the little guy's computer that attracts their attention. Using it and the IP address to hack into larger systems, they avoid being traced, very clever indeed.

If a hacker is inside ones computer and they're not aware, Trojans and Keyloggers can be installed with advanced software, hindering the computer's ability to detect and uninstall the vicious spyware. Attaching themselves to one's anti-virus programs and hard drive programs, the problem can only get worse.

Whether or not we accept it the internet is expanding at an amazing rate. And we're all fully aware with the enormous impact the internet has had on life as we know it. Present and future generations have and will benefit from this informational highway, this exciting off world of enjoyment, business and education. We've become so absorbed with this modern way to conduct business, this instant worldwide socializing that it's possible we've become oblivious to what's really going on out there.

Technology and wealth is a very powerful combination when it's utilized by very powerful people. For them the internet has become a freefall of opportunity to enhance the way they conduct their business whether it's legal or not. Information on any individual regardless of where they live or work can be obtained with ease. And the age barrier doesn't exist when money or a targeted computer is concerned.

On a different note, you may believe your banking information is completely secured by your banking institutions, however are your passwords? Are your passwords to anything completely secured? If someone wants them bad enough, no they are not.

Now here's a scary thought, can one be monitored when using messenger? You can be monitored doing just about anything. The more exposure we allow ourselves the higher the risk.


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It's been a pleasure sharing with you. Kellie Hastings copyright 2007 C102066