by : Arun Tibrewal

Convergence, and more of it, will be the key word driving communication. After a filthy research, Swastik InfoTech Pvt. Ltd has come up with a very fast and effective software solution, namely e-Biller, for the belongings of service industry such as telecommunication, VOIP, ISP, NSP, Carrier Services, Internet Services, Fixed Operator, Call Centre, BPO Organizations, IVS or IVR, IT Consultant or Integrator amongst the Communication Technology, Hospital, Hotel, Motel, Medical Service, Re-Seller (CLEC), Medical Practitioner etc.

Those organizations, which have the requirement of on-line billing, on-line invoice or on-line reports, are generated; e-Biller will become the reason for their smile. The Software is very user friendly, accurate, reliable and cost effective.

The advantages of the usage of e-Biller:

1. Multi-layer Customer Hierarchy Billing.
2. Account Level Billing.
3. Account & Sub-Account Level Billing.
4. Account & Sub-Account with Application Level Billing.
5. Re-allocation.
6. Usages Correction.
7. Plan Management.
8. Payments.
9. Adjustments and Write-Offs.
10. Account Receivables.
11. Invoice Managements.
12. Bill Formatting.
13. Bill Messages.
14. Bill Attachments.
15. Audit Trial.
16. Universal Service Fund (USF).

These are some keen features of the billing solutions of Service Industries. So move on from the old, obscure, inaccurate online billing equipment and be a happy owner of e-Biller. With all these at handScience Articles, who wants life in other galaxies?