What They Dont Tell You About Conference Calls

by : Markus Wahlgren

The multitude of users of conference calling services makes it apparent that it is one of the favored means of communication in the business world to date. Companies consider it more cost-efficient, less taxing on the company.s time and personnel, and more effective in fostering business relations in the international scene.

Like all good things, however, conference calling has several limitations. While the numerous positive aspects of conference calling are highly publicized, the limitations are hardly visible.

The most obvious limitation of conference calling is the speed with which it is developed in some countries and the delay in others. Conference calling now largely involves video and data as well as audio conferencing and makes use of highly advanced equipment to deliver these new and improved services to subscribers. The problem with this lies in the availability of these equipments for the world.s majority. Attendance and participation in conferences may now be limited by the fact that potential delegates in areas where the necessary equipment and technological advancement has not yet arrived may not be able to participate at all.

Another limitation is the lack of any set standard for conference calling protocols. Certain measures for order and smooth progress have been set for face-to-face conferences and meetings. For conference calls, no such measures exist. The normal etiquette and standard of behavior necessary is necessary even in these types of conferences to make sure that it would not totally remove the aspect of interpersonal relations in business dealings.

Last, but definitely no less important, is the instances of low security and lack of proper billing standard provided to the clients availing of conference calling services. These conferences are recorded, and the clients should have control over the contents of their conferences. Likewise, they should be properly informed of the breakdown of the costs they have to pay for these services.

From this it is apparent that there is a negative side to conference calling. It is up to a potential user, therefore, to weigh the pros and cons of using conference calls before availing of a particular service.