2Much Rolls Out New Live High Definition Video

by : Greg Jones

(Montreal) October 12, 2005 - Interactive Video platform creator 2much.net will roll out a new, live High-Definition video streaming format that is an Internet first, according to company president Mark Prince.

In addition to being live and hi-def, the format presents viewers with a wide-screen video display running at 30 frames per second as well as 48KHz Dolby Surround 5.1 streaming audio.

"Traditional screen aspect ratio is 4:3, but this is 16:9. This has never been done with live adult video chat before," claims Prince. "Or any web video. We're not just pushing the envelope anymore, we're pushing it through the shredder."

In recent online tests and demonstrations for clients from the company's Old Montreal offices, "we had about 50 people in the chat room, watching one of the more popular LCN Girls doing a strip show at someone's desk." The live stream, according to Prince, was viewable by everyone.

"The burden is more on our end, not on the end-user," said Hidden Dragon, 2much.net's network supervisor and head programmer. "We've acquired the machines, codecs and connection required to compress, output, stream and route the video feeds."

"Live high-definition video requires fast computers, but nothing most surfers aren't already using," Prince said. "We recently completed extensive upgrades to our servers and routers to support the new high-def format. We've put together already-existing technology in a way that apparently nobody's thought of yet."

"Intel Pentium Computers and standard video cards are great," Prince said. "But the system really shines on AMD 64's and newer generation graphics cards such as the ATI Radeon series."

Adult video chat site LiveCamNetwork.com will be the first to use the new format, running a series of live interviews with the more popular LCN Girls, to be followed by other videocasts revolving around the Webdreams television series on Showcase, which features 2much staff and chat hostesses from LiveCamNetwork, which is the company's flagship site.

2Much techs will use these "videocasts" to monitor bandwidth, CPU Usage statistics, and most importantly, customer feedback. The videochat rooms featuring the new High Definition video format will follow shortly.

"Back in 2000 we pushed the envelope for video streaming and DSL users," said Prince. "And made a killing. Now it's common, and everybody is getting into it. Now's the time for the next step in live video chat."

A demonstration of Live High Definition video streaming is scheduled for Friday, October 14, at 7pm ESTFeature Articles, in the form of "The Luna Show" on LiveCamNetwork.com .