Ionized invisible Aircrafts

by : Ryan Fyfe

Plasma stealth although not directly related to the technology that we see in consumer products still uses plasma technology, hence the name "plasma" stelath. Plasma stealth is the process of using ionized gas to reduce the radar cross section of an aircraft, which would then give it less visibility on enemy rader making it hard to detect. This process and the relationship between Em radiation and ionized gas has been studied in depth for various purposes in the past, including this possibility of making planes undecteable to normal radar. In theory the use the chances of reducing an aircraft's visibility by wrapping ionized gas glow around the aircraft is not a question. While the theoretical possibility of reducing an aircraft's RCS by wrapping the airframe in flow is not in question, it is the technological aspects of actually putting this method into practice that imposes considerable problems.

Presently aircraft's such as the stealth bomber, use other methods to eliminate their presence on radar. All of these methods are costly, but the importance placed on hidden aircraft technology can me lives and planes saved. In the next years we are going to see huge improvements of all aspects of war technology, as are technology is advancing at a rate faster than ever.