Optimum System Performance With Rollback Rx

by : Jacob Henderson

RollBack Rx is extremely flexible software that makes life easy for anyone who works on a computer regardless of what profession they are in. Rollback Rx sets you free from making backups of your work on the pc. You no longer need to carry hard drive images around for fear of being attacked by a computer virus or a system crash. This software takes snapshots of the whole system at specific times, letting you roll-back to any snapshot of your choice so that you can restore your system to that point.

Disaster recovery is something every PC user must prepare for since there is no advance warning before your computer develops a problem. A snapshot-based product, once installed in your system, RollBack Rx protects your data and system from virus attacks, spy ware, user errors and issues related to other software in the system. It can recover files that are corrupted or deleted by mistake and restore them to their earlier versions as well. A major advantage is that it can do a system restore even when you can't start the Windows operating system.

Taking Snapshots Of Your Current System State
We install or uninstall software in our systems periodically. Sometimes we also make changes in the system settings. It is during these times that it is sensible to take a moment to create a snapshot of the current system status. This will help roll back to the point you created the snapshot in case something goes wrong while you make your changes. It is very easy to do a pc restore from a snapshot. All you have to choose from among various snapshots to select which one you want to go back to. From any snapshot, you can retrieve lost files from the recover files option.

Sometimes Windows refuses to load when virus or some other problem affects it. You can still do a pc restore by accessing this software just before Windows XP loads. You can then restore computer to a snapshot saved earlier and resume your work.

In today's race for time, RollBack Rx is a necessity for every PC. It has many options, which allow the user to create snapshots, both manually and automatically. It supports multi-boot systems and VM ware and can be remotely controlled. The best thing about it is that you don't have to restart the system to create a complete system snapshot. PC restore with Rollback Rx does not affect performance in the least. It is very easy to roll back your pc to an earlier point in time when you restore computer to previous working settings.