Childrens Web Safety

by : Kelly Kita

Children's Web Safety

Kelly Staller

Copyright(c) 2007

The Web is a resource for endless information, but it is also home to lurking predators who may wish to prey on innocent children. Parents used to let their kids play outside after school without fear of kidnapping or sexual offenders. However, the on wrought of the Internet and MySpace have parents fearing the worst; where predators can mask as 17-year-old boys who just want to "talk."

Luckily, there is parental control software available to ease parents' fears of their children's Internet encounters. Many software programs offer screen captures, chat and IM logs, foul-language filters and blocks on inappropriate Websites.

It is in every family's best interests to compare to reduce the risk of Internet predation. Every parent's worst nightmare is to let their child become part of the frightening statistics surfacing today: has reported:

&bull75% of children are willing to share personal information online about themselves and their family in exchange for goods and services.-eMarketer

&bullAbout 25% of the youth who encountered a sexual approach or solicitation told a parent.-Youth Internet Safety Survey

&bull77% of the targets for online predators were age 14 or older. Another 22% were users ages 10 to 13.-Crimes Against Children Research Center

&bullOnly 17 percent of youth and 11 percent of parents could name a specific authority, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)-Youth Internet Safety Survey

It is apparent that these statistics indicate the necessity of guarding one's child from the dangers on the Net. While parents can educate their youngsters about some of them, even the most cautious can be fooled by an experienced predator's tactics.

When allowing children to surf the Web, it is best to purchase parental control software, allowing kids to maintain a sense of independence while being monitored at the same time. Keep your children safe and keep in mind the pro's and con's of the global Web.