Vundo, Its Many Faces and How to Get Rid of it

by : TechDirection

The Vundo virus is known by a couple names(Vundo, Vundo Trojan, VirtuMonde and VirtuMundo). This virus is a Trojan, which in some cases can mean that you are dealing with spyware as well and in this case that is true more in the sense that this virus tries to get you to buy something to remove itself. Below is a list of the programs that it likes to disguise itself as.

- WinAntivirus Pro

- Sysprotect

- WinFixer

- ULWindowSeek

- ULWindowURL

- SystemDoctor

- SuperMWindow

As this virus is constantly changing you may have something different popping up asking you the same questions. How do you get a virus like this, well it is easy. It infects victims' computers by exploiting a vulnerability in Sun Java 1.4 and earlier versions. There is also a vunlerability in IE that may cause this virus to manifest itself. So make sure that you do your windows updates and that you have only the newer version of java installed(make sure you remove the older version as well). These are both extremely important as there are alot of viruses that come through when your computer is not up to date.

Most Antivirus software will be able to detect that the virus exixts on your machine but will unable to remove this virus. So how would you go about removing this software, well there are a couple of free tools out there. Symantec has a removal tool which works alot of the time. Then there is the VundoFix from That one seems to be the most comprehensive one with 3 different detection types to make sure that you find where it has placed itself on your computer and to get those files removed. I would recomend that you run these tools in safemode as that will increase the likelyhood of them being effective as there will be only windows proccesses running so less to get in the way of a successful removal.

Remember as with most viruses these can be avoided by making sure that you are up to date with all your installed software. Any way you look at it this virus is a nasty one and can take some time to get rid of, but if you use some removal tools then you will be able to avoid that dreaded format.