Audio Conference Calls

by : Kevin Stith

Audio conference calls can be made in two ways. First would be when the person arranging for the conference gives the participants a call-in number which enables them to dial into a 'conference bridge,' a specialized type of telephone that has the ability to answer multiple calls.

The second way would be by using a telephone number specially set up for the purpose of the conference. The moderator and the participants would be provided with separate pin codes which they have to dial in to. The participants can only participate once the moderator connects them, and then participants call into this number and automatically become part of the conversation, meeting or conference. This is known as Toll Free Conferencing, and is available 24/7. The drawback is that the cost will be calculated on a per-minute basis.

Flat Rate conferencing is the perfect solution for low-cost, effective, high-volume conferencing or meetings, since the cost will be on a monthly basis, not a per-minute basis. This type of conference call is conducted using the same principle as Toll Free Conferencing, but without time limit! This type of conferencing allows the company to have a monthly budget on how much it spends for conferencing and adjust accordingly to suit their needs.

Audio Conference calls can also be made through call operators if the service is provided by your service providers. In this method the designated operator will connect the participant to the conference. This will be especially useful for first-time users or for those who often face problems getting connected to their conference.

Computers or laptops can also be used in place of telephones, so long as you have an internet connection and an earphone which you plug in directly into your computer.