How to Choose the Best VoIP

by : Jonathan Baldwin

There are hundreds of choices to choose from in the internet telephone market, and every person has different telephone needs. So how do you know which VoIP is right for you? I will break down the varying needs of the internet phone consumer, and provide the best VoIP service for that need.

For the average consumer, whose needs mostly involve local calling with the occasional call to relatives or friends in other states, the main choice is Vonage. Vonage is inexpensive, stable, and reliable. Vonage's unlimited calling plan is $24.99 a month, and allows for unlimited calls in the USA, Canada, and much of western Europe.

For a customer who needs to make a lot of outbound international calls, it often depends upon the destination. If you call a variety of international countries, you may want to consider Packet8, whose "Freedom International" allows for free calls to non-mobile and non-premium numbers in 40 nations.

For a customer who expects to receive a lot of inbound international calls, you would most likely want to look at Lingo VoIP from Primus Telecommunications. Lingo offers phone numbers in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Spain, and the UK. This allows you to get a local number for whoever is going to call you. This means the phone call will count as a local call! The savings for both you and your callers will be enormous.

For someone who only makes a few phone calls a month to international locales, SunRocket may be the option. SunRocket's inexpensive price of $199 a year, or about $17 a month, has with it a $3 allowance for international calls. SunRocket's international call pricing is also famous for it's "SunRocket SunSpots", 41 countries which can be called for only $0.03 a minute, which include China, Australia, France, Austria, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Malaysia, and others. With that $3 monthly allowance, you could call those countries for 100 minutes for free every month.

And finally, for the penny pincher, there is ViaTalk. ViaTalk has literally the most inexpensive VoIP service around. Priced at $15.95 with two months free, it just doesn't get cheaper. However, SunRocket is only a $1 a month more, and may be worth the upgrade. Or the options Lingo and Packet8 have may intrigue you. Or the large in-network and big-name value of Vonage might be just what you need.

Whatever your choice, there is a internet phone company specifically tailored for your needs. Make sure to compare the services and figure out which works internet phone service works best for you.