VOIP Phone Services : the Yardstick for Voice Telephony

by : Fletcher Mak

VOIP is the latest inflexion in the world of voice telephony. A VOIP provider would route your call to you irrespective of the location. You just need to carry your VOIP phone with you and whenever you connect to Internet services you would be able to receive incoming calls.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) - converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the Internet Protocol and helps transfer your voice from your end to the receivers end. This service is more effective than the other traditional forms of voice telephony.

The best part of UK based VOIP services is that they are cheap and very economical. Free VIOP phones are available in the UK, US and some other countries. Cheap VOIP phones actually make normal telephony redundant

However this is not to say that VOIP does not have its drawback. Internet services, are infact the biggest drawback. You do not find Internet everywhere and as a result you cannot use VOIP everywhere.

Many People do not know the full form of VOIP. There are some really interesting variations such as - Voice over Internet provider. Actually, VOIP stands for Voice over Internet protocol.

Another great advantage of VOIP is in the field of customer services. Customer service executives can work without any space constraint and utilize a fast Internet connection.

VOIP phone services do not recognize borders and therefore all calls would be local. For ex. if you have a London number and carry it to NYC, you would still receive call and would be charged local.

UK based VOIP services( In fact world wide VOIP services) can combine with other services, such as video conversation,audio conferencing and managing address books.

Join the VOIP bridage.. The future is waiting