The Vast Arena of VoIP Services

by : Kristen

With a number of companies switching to VoIP services that are offered by an increasing number of service providers, the statistics reveal that it won't be too long before VoIP takes over the traditional public switch telephone network.

Voice over Internet telephony services is making the operations of various sectors more productive and cost effective. With change in the telecommunication sector, a number of changes have come over the industry, particularly corporates, contact centers, network providers, call shops, call back services, ISP and ITSP's.

Telecommunication is no longer constrained to using the traditional telephone line that would allow you to remain on your work station while you wait for that important call from your client. VoIP is location independent allowing businesses to remain in constant contact with their clients.

With a number of providers being in this industry, clients are able to get competitive prices without any fall in quality standards. Needless to say, one should pick the provider who would offer best rates.

Quality audit should be done on the basis of average call duration which should range between 6-7 minutes; average success ratio should be between 2-3 seconds; and post duration delay which should be within 2-3 seconds to ensure that you get crystal clear voice quality.

Various other best VoIP services and solutions are offered by VOIP carrier service providers specifically for their individual clients, white label VoIP service being one among them. This service is targeted specially to the VoIP resellers by few premium providers of voice over IP.

Under this program, resellers of VoIP get the additional benefit to resell the services under their brand name. Thereby, it adds on to their product line, augments their brand and also makes it easier for them to sell the services if they have a good customer base.

Moreover, these premium providers of VoIP also offer customised billing panel to their resellers and wholesale carrier service providers, thereby making it easier for them to manage their billing and keep a tab on minutes consumed, besides other features.

Opting for a well established, premium VoIP service provider has a number of benefits that can't be compared with other providers, wherein one can't be sure of getting reliable and secure VoIP solutions.