Is it Time to Become a VoIP Wholesaler?

by : Kristen

A number of top-notch companies have become VoIP service providers and have started providing services like VoIP termination facility, VoIP business plans, wholesale VoIP carrier services and VoIP reseller programs to varied clients spread across the world. Some of the premium service providers like Vonage, iCallGlobe and Media Ring offer best quality service at unmatched rates to their clients. Specialized plans are being designed by providers in order to attract the wholesalers and VoIP resellers.

Looking at the current trend of VoIP telephony services and its future prospects, a number of businesses have started becoming VoIP wholesalers and VoIP resellers. The main reason behind this is that VoIP technology and services are extremely flexible, making it suitable and profitable to be used by everyone. Looking at the vast clientele, it would be right to state that even with a number of wholesalers and resellers already in this field, there is a demand and need for more people to venture into this field.

The existing VoIP wholesale service providers and VoIP resellers too are provided with multifarious options to improve and expand their operations with bare minimum investment. For instance, wholesale VoIP solutions or managed partitioning services are provided by some of the premium service providers to voice over IP wholesalers. Under this program, the wholesaler is given the option of renting a portion of next tone switch which is owned by the provider.

This option is ideal for 2 kinds of wholesalers. One is, if you want to become a VoIP service provider but have little knowledge about the technical aspect of VoIP services. By opting for next tone partitioning, not only would you be operating on the best switch available for VoIP telephony services, but you will also not have to worry about maintaining or tracking the working of technical equipments. This way you will only have to focus on marketing and selling voice over IP services. It will help you to launch your own VoIP telephony services, reseller programs and much more.

One can avail all these advantages without spending thousands of dollars on infrastructure and technical equipments. Since the technicalities and back-end processes are handled by the service provider, wholesalers need not spend on getting expensive technical assistance.

It is, therefore, a very profitable preposition to become a wholesale carrier of VoIP if one has a strong client base in their geographical area. The apt time to venture into this field is now, if you want to establish yourself as a major wholesaler of voice over IP in future and get the maximum benefits out of this technology.