How to Use VoIP Call Termination to your Benefit

by : Kristen

There are no doubts about the fact that VoIP call termination has arrived in a big way in our lives and it is here to stay. With its flexible nature, it has been able to enter into all spheres - from industry to residentials. Most of the people are switching over to VoIP services with the motive of reducing their rising telephony bills. IP call termination can help you in more ways than cutting down on your cost of call tariff. There is still a lack of knowledge about its other advantages.

For instance, it can help to tremendously increase the productivity of a business by unifying the communication structure between different branches of the company. This is a well proven fact established by the users of voice over IP services. With the help of VoIP business solution, service providers can inter-link the different corporate offices of an organisation at no additional cost through VoIP telephony service. It thus helps to unify the operations of a company by helping the people to work in tandem with each other.

There are several premium service providers by the likes of Vonage, Go-to-call and iCallGlobe, among others, who provide DID numbers. These numbers enable your clients to call to a number which might not be the geographical area code of the area where the office is situated. So, you can be sitting in India and receiving calls on a U.S or U.K number. Your clients would be charged according to the local call tariff and you get the advantage of using your head office area code for other branches located around the globe. This is especially beneficial for contact centres and those companies who are operating globally or want to expand their business round the world.

A major concern, of the corporates specially, is the reliability and security of the service provided. This concern is appropriate, keeping in mind that the voice is transmitted over the Internet. Hence, problems like hacking and phone tapping do arise. If you get your services from an established VoIP provider then there is no need to worry about this either, as they would keep the security of your telephony services as top most priority in their books.

Call shops, calling card companies and Internet telephony service providers can increase their profit margin by almost double through utilising voice over IP for calling. Since the total call cost comes down by almost the half than that of PSTN or PBX, they can provide their customers with a cheaper mode of communication, thereby increasing their clientage and their profits along with it.

Similarly, Internet service providers, network integrators and software and hardware product providers can increase their service line by integrating their services with VoIP call termination services. The process of integration is quiet easy too, for minimum investment is needed for the purpose. They do not need to spend money on building up infrastructure or procuring any technical devices for the purpose. All this is handled by the VoIP service providers. Moreover, they do not have to get any special technical personnel at their end to maintain the services or handle backend processes either, as these too are done by the provider. All that is required of them is to concentrate on marketing the service which is what they are best at.

Bundling up their existing products with a new and user-friendly technology will also give them a competitive advantage against their competitor companies.