Is Wholesale VoIP a Feasible Option?

by : Kristen

Voice over IP telephony has gained momentum and is consistently moving with confident strides towards covering the entire globe, making corporates and residentials slowly dependent on it for their entire communication solution. VoIP service providers can not reach every where without the help of wholesale carrier providers. This is precisely why there is at present a requirement for wholesale VoIP providers who can further make resellers to fulfil the needs of the end consumers.

Wholesale VoIP service has got huge potential in terms of both high profit and achieving market control. Anyone who has good customer lineage can become a wholesale VoIP provider and reap the benefits that come from being associated with a technology as fruitful as IP telephony.

Wholesalers have a wide array of wholesale VoIP solution providers amongst which they can finalise their choice. The final decision should be carefully decided revolving on the below mentioned parameters.

It is essential that wholesale carriers take the quality factor as the most important criteria for selection. Armed with bounteous quality and best rates, they will have no problem in attracting resellers. Quality of service provided by the service provider should be carefully checked. Most VoIP providers give the provision of live testing. This is the best way of judging the quality of service.

One must also ensure that their service provider has multiple back ups in case of a switch failure or some other technical problem. Since a wholesaler caters to a large number of resellers, availability of back up becomes important. For the same reason, customer support round the clock is a definite requirement which must be fulfilled by your service provider. There are VoIP providers who provide excellent round the clock live support.

Additionally, a wholesaler should look for a provider who can offer him managed partitioning services. Whenever a wholesaler wants to opt for a better and more reliable service or expand the capacity of transmitting VoIP calls, instead of purchasing a next tone switch he can take managed partitioning services from his provider. This service will enable him to utilise all the benefits that come with using next tone without incurring substantial expenditure. The VoIP provider would lease him a part of the switch which would be dedicated to the cause of the wholesaler on a small rental basis.

Wholesale carrier services is an option through which you can not just expand your business and earn large profits, but also be able to spread your wings in an industry which is only going to grow bigger.