Understanding your VoIP Provider

by : Kristen

Internet came across as one of the biggest inventions of the century. It made life much easier and convenient by facilitating its users to connect to people from overseas in a matter of seconds. For instance, sending mails has never been as easy and speedy as made through with the help of Internet. The advantages of Internet have only been increasing with time. Its latest blessing is the ability to route calls making it not just economical to make calls but also increases the overall efficiency.

With this boom, VoIP providers have no difficulty in finding potential users of VoIP service. VoIP call termination service enables transmission of calls over the net by compressing the voice packets into small digital IP packets (in the form of data). These digital packets are then decompressed and reconverted into analog signals or voice packets when they reach the listener. Since the entire process takes place virtually on Internet cloud, the cost of call termination is relatively very less.

VoIP service providers offer different services like wholesale carrier service, VoIP reseller programs, managed partitioning services, and business solutions. The success of your organization (if you are a wholesaler or a reseller) depends to a great extent on your service provider.

Making of a Best VoIP Provider:

A lot goes in making a provider attain the status of a best VoIP service provider. Quality of service provided is one of the key factors. Imagine being on an important call and the voice starts cracking or there is problem of latency. In telecom sector especially the voice quality stands on a very important platform. One can check the quality by the average call duration, average success ratio and post duration delay. Higher the ACD and ASR and lower the PDD better would be the service. Additionally, you can ensure the service by selecting a VoIP phone provider who offers multiple routes as backup, has numerous switches and points of presence thereby minimizing the latency.

Support service follows up close to quality of service on the list of priority items to be included in the VoIP service package. A strong, professional and responsive support personnel team is synonymous with uninterrupted VoIP call termination service.

Rate comes as the third criteria in selection of VoIP Internet service providers. Different providers of voice over IP service render different call tariffs. There are some who will charge an initial set up fees too which may be avoided by opting for a provider who does not charge this initial fee. Hence, it becomes important to carefully review each provider to select the one that is most affordable and offers the best features along with it.