VoIP Services: Offers Multifarious Opportunities

by : Kristen

World over, telephone users are finding new ways of speaking with each other, by using VoIP services. VoIP technology is a way of transmitting voice data using Internet Protocol through the World Wide Web. So, with computer as the transmission media, it allows the user to go for Global conversation at any time. Services offered over VoIP are very inexpensive and are considered as an efficient mode of world wide communication.

Voice over IP refers to transmitting voice communication over IP network, for instance Internet. Unlike PSTN, through VoIP technology user can send images, videos or voice through the same line. The service of VoIP is to terminate the international long distance calls coming over the IP to the destination PSTN.

To define VoIP Service; user's analog voice is converted into small packets of digital data and sent over Internet connection to VoIP service provider. Voice service provider gets it connected with PSTN at recipient's end and then the process of receiving is reversed. The digital packets are turned back to analog signals, so that user can understand conversation. Each time you speak, the process is repeated. With VoIP services, any user can make calls at any given time period. While accessing the VoIP services, user accesses long distance and international calls at cheaper rates.

To avail VoIP, users have to install additional piece of Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) to its computer. This ATA is generally supplied by the VoIP service provider when user signs up for the service. Once the user phone is installed with VoIP software and ATA, user can make phone calls as normal; using standard phone. VoIP services offer users to make multifarious processes at same time; for instance while surfing the web, user can talk to his friend over the phone. Moreover, unlike PSTN with VoIP service, a user can listen to voice transmission without any gap in stream of digital packets.