VoIP Solutions: Promises Cheap Calling

by : Angela Hayden

Talking over long distance or international calls is made easier and cheaper with VoIP. While calling over the internet, it uses IP packets for transmitting voice, videos and images through a single channel. The communication between a sender and a receiver is based on the digital communication. Hence, this requires coding and decoding of signals before sending and receiving on the IP network from both the ends. The digitally compressed format over the internet increases productivity enhancement and reduces the cost efficiency.

The VoIP industry is augmented with solution providers who furnish its clients with the numerous hosted VoIP solutions without making large investments like:

PC to phone solution: This solution allows the user to cherish easy and cheap calling over longer distance and international calls. This is because VoIP charges on per-minute call.

Callback service: It comes into action when the originator of a call is immediately called back in a second call as a response. In order to use a callback service, a potential user or customer is allocated with a unique number that is dialled before the user triggers a return call.

Calling card: The calling cards are prepaid cards that come with pre-charged amount for making longer distance and international calls at cheaper rates. This is made possible as per minute charges of the call is lowered down.

IP PBX solution: It switches calls between IP users on local line. This VoIP PBX solution offers services to reduce the monthly telephony charges and offers excellent voice quality. Moreover, it allows user to extend a certain number of phone lines.

SMS delivery solutions: Considering an increased ratio of mobile users, providers have come up with SMS delivery solution for advertisement or publicity.

Managed NOC services: These services are offered by VoIP solution providers to resellers and wholesalers with the aim to increase output and to expand the business arena.

With their benefits, VoIP telephony solutions have marked their presence in different spheres the industry like businesses, corporate executives and even residential users. In addition, depending upon the requirement, size and operations of the business enterprise, VoIP solutions vary. Thereby, always opt for an IP solution provider that stresses on delivering good voice quality, round the clock technical support, an efficient network and security.