VoIP Products: Essential for Dial-up Network

by : Kristen

Calling over the Internet has become a norm for business and corporate houses especially the ones having a global presence. Statistics depict that voice over IP services and technology is no longer constrained to business or corporate houses alone; they have also gained popularity among residential users. As a matter of fact, primary reason for the popularity of VoIP technology is the low calling rates and availability of a plethora of value-added services.

Features in Voice over IP such as mobility, functionality or reliability over pre-existing PSTN services have brought in a revolution of sorts in various industries. Considering the increasing importance of this communication technology, the need and availability of specialised VoIP products has also increased. Many of these products can be located easily on the various online sites or offline stores.

To make a call using Voice over Internet Protocol, providers or users require equipment like specific hardware and software. The hardware includes a VoIP phone, router, switches as well as gateways. The IP phones are specially designed for making calls via Internet and are also known as SIP phones. These phones can be used for sending data, voice and video to specific IP addresses. A VoIP gateway facilitates transmission of voice and video over IP networks. Moreover, the gateway is fully integrated and versatile for the transmission over a single communications network. A VoIP switch delivers an open packet-based infrastructure which offers variety of services like call termination, pc to phone services, callback and many more to meet users' requirement. The software is an essential part for making these calls, as it allows IP phone services to work efficiently. The VoIP software is usually available on the internet and are easily downloaded onto the phones as well. The best part of the software is that it is easy to install.

While using these high-end VoIP phones for calling, users can maintain and reduce the monthly telephone bills by up to 50%. Adding to it, users can set up 3-way calling, call forwarding, call conferencing with near and dear ones. Therefore, calling over a broadband connection is simpler and easier than pre-existing PSTN services.

To conclude, call termination is getting popular among business houses and residential users. With that, demand for special VoIP equipment and software is also gaining momentum in the market.