VoIP Phone: a Backbone of the Modern Communication System

by : Kristen

In the infotainment arena, innovations and advances in technology is playing a vital role in changing yesterday's world into a latest high-tech world. No doubt, high speed internet has made the world as we know it come closer. The internet is now playing an important role in offering hassle-free communication with the benefit of cost effectiveness and productivity thrown in for good measure. In the world that we know it today, high speed internet connections for communication is gaining in popularity. Well known as VoIP or voice over IP, this technology allows users to make long distance as well as international calls with seamless connectivity at significantly low rates.

The pre-existing PSTN service providers or mobile operators have never faced as many challenges as they doing now, especially with the advent of VoIP phones. With the plethora of benefits, the pre-existing providers are under pressure to change their network infrastructures to keep up with the advances in technology.

The internet telephony services are the latest in technological advances that hold quite a few advantages for the users - business or otherwise. They are fast, efficient, easy to use, and economical. As a matter of fact, after making their presence felt in large business houses, the VoIP phone services are getting popular among various small and medium size businesses and residential users as well.

IP telephony allows users to send images, video and data through a same network connection. Unlike the existing circuit-switching network of PSTN, VoIP phone services are based on the packet switching technique. As a matter of fact, communication over the VoIP phone is superior compared to PSTN services. This is because analog signals are compressed into digital packets that can absorb the noise when routed over the internet. This in turn guarantees "impressive" call quality.

To avail the best VoIP services for communicating, the users must possess special hardware devices and software. As a matter of fact, one requires high speed broadband connection, an Analog Terminal Adaptor or ATA, and IP phone service. Even a normal phone would do in certain circumstances. Generally, the Analog Telephone Adaptors are considered as standard equipment and are supplied by the service providers, when the users sign in for the services.

This hardware device converts and reconverts the audio or analog signals into compressed IP packets and vice -versa. The digital IP packets are compressed into a standard format, so that they can absorb the unwanted noise on the way. Consequently, the packets get transferred faster and more efficiently than circuit switching network. The IP compressed packets are in compliance with standard communication protocols. Therefore, when they arrive at the destination, there is a re-conversion of the digital packets to analog signals.

The business houses as well as residential users can avail the IP services from providers. The companies that offer these phone services are well known as VoIP providers, wholesalers or resellers. The VoIP phones are beneficial than PSTN phones in more ways than one:

1.With the VoIP phones, users can significantly lower down their monthly telephone bills by up to 40-60 percent than the cost of PSTN services. Therefore, users experience unlimited long distance as well as international calls with minimum cost.
2.The VoIP phones are backed with feature of scalability. As a matter of fact, users can carry their IP phones anywhere across the globe. The users only need internet connections to get connected from any remote location or faraway location.
3.Unlike PSTN services, VoIP phones allow users to make the most of value-added services. It allows users to avail bundled services such as 3-way calling, call forwarding, audio as well as video conferencing, call waiting and many more.

Last but not the least, in this era of infotainment, VoIP phone plays a vital role in the bringing the world closer. As a matter of fact, IP phones lower down the costs of long distance or international calls to half the cost of PSTN services.