VoIP Telephony: Becoming More Popular With Time

by : Kristen

VoIP Telephony is a process that enables routing of voice conversations over internet connections. So, it is an alternative of making calls and substitutes the traditional phone lines in various instances. The IP telephony is advantageous as compared to the traditional phone lines as the services are offered at lower costs and the reach of the network is extended to the whole world. Certain processes come into play while transferring the voice as it is first converted to digital packets before being transmitted through IP networks.

Analog voice information transferred over a traditional phone line costs more, more so in comparison to digital systems. As a matter of fact, the advantage of using VoIP Telephony is always greater. The users can make international calls at cheap rates and at a price that is a fraction of what they would have to pay in the traditional analog system. However, a fast internet connection is almost compulsory for an effective Voice Over connection.

The technology has improved greatly with the introduction of new ways of routing voice data. As of now, this kind of service is usually delivered over a broadband line; enough bandwidth is made available to ensure a very good quality of sound. The Voice over IP telephony has revolutionised the way people look at long distance calls as more and more people are subscribing to such services almost everyday. Consequently, quite a few companies have made a foray into this domain and are delivering VoIP telephony solutions to corporate clients and individual users.

The VoIP telephony provider has increased in number over the past couple of years. Some of these companies have their own individual networks; others rely on Tier 1 carriers for support. Thus VoIP is made available to every category of users living in any part of the world. The only requirement, in case a customer is making use of a computer, is to avail a high-speed internet connection. However, the service providers of voice over IP telephony generally offer an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) for customers who make use of their traditional phones.

As a matter of fact, the use of computers is very common among people. The customers generally make use of their personal computers in order to make the most of the IP telephony solutions. The voice is received with the aid of a microphone connected to the sound card of the computer. The same microphone is also used for the purpose of sending speech. So, companies are now launching new software that help in utilising this technology to the maximum. New software is in the process of being introduced for broadband or cable DSL connections so as to increase the efficiency of the computers to guarantee efficiency in communication.

This technology is used to connect people residing at distant places. People now have the option of calling as well as viewing the person online. Its affordability is a prime factor for the increasing popularity of VoIP all over the world.