Learning What is VOIP

by : voipservices

There are virtually so many methods to talk on the internet. And VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is very much similar and our phone also included in it. You get a box that is provided by the company offering VOIP services and you just have to connect your phone to it and it is also known as modem. The modem gets connected to the cable or DSL modem and you can talk with your phone on the internet, the broadband or internet should have high speed.

VOIP also prove helpful if you have international business, you just have to purchase rechargeable phone card whenever your balance is low. Using your cell phone you can make a call anytime and anywhere across the world. Nowadays the calls are also kept at very competitive rates. Following are some of the VOIP providers-

Different VOIP providers:

Vonage- The name is included in of the most famous VOIP providers at very competitive rates. The company have healthy customer base and offer their customers the best packages and services. They have a customer service through emails and toll free phone service.

The new entry is Sun Rocket which is giving tough competition to the already established VOIP providers. For their customers they offer both limited and non-limited services. Sun Rocket's customers don't have to deposit any activation charges. After a gap of time the company organizes schemes offering lots of services.

Packet 8- It offers their customers cost as low as USD 20. Under this they provide their customers with free of cost activation and free one month. They also offer their customers free helpline services.

Lingo- Lingo's benefits the customers who have to make calls in Western Europe at very cheap rates. Their customers are offered unlimited calls across Europe in seventeen countries and at the payment of small amount you can also have two free phone numbers.

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