Conversion of a Computer to a Phone With VoIP Service

by : Kristen

The services pertaining to Voice over IP can be attributed to the capabilities of a computer to adhere to providing the same telephone connectivity as that of a traditional phone line. This has proved to be quintessential in providing services that were initially possible with traditional lines that required long wires to be connected. Now, with a laptop one can remain connected to others even when one is outside home or traveling in a cab. So, VoIP service has revolutionised telephony and has changed the very concept of call making and remaining connected.

The VoIP service has optimised the transfer of voice with the use of internet and this has made it possible to achieve high speed voice transfer with a high speed internet connection. All these have been made possible at a very minimal cost overcoming the barriers of land and countries. The voice over IP telephony is not just a means of transferring voice but one can use the service to transfer images and videos as well.

The VoIP service is based on the principle that it has to convert analog voice to digital signals that is then transferred in data format and delivered to the other end. The signal then is reconverted into analog form from its digital format.

The VoIP service is based on the two methods. One is named as the 'direct Inward Calling' (DID) and the other is the 'access numbers'. The user gets directly connected with DID while in case of access numbers, the user has to provide an extension number that aids in connecting to the number dialed. The VoIP phone service is very useful in increasing the functionality of this trademark service. The first utility is the ability to transfer the telephone call over a broadband connection. Then there are the other benefits that include conference calling, automatic redialing, call forwarding and a caller ID. The transmission is done by converting the voice into a digital format and so this digitised transfer has made it simple for transferring voice forms very easily and swiftly to any part of the world. The only thing required is an internet connection that in turn frees the system from every shackle and makes it location independent. Thus it leads to integration of services that aid in video conferencing, data file transference, audio conferencing and maintaining an address book.

The VoIP service provider in one area, often partners with several international service providers so as to meet the business requirements of the enterprises or private owners. These business VoIP service providers offer their services on trial basis for people who are not very sure about the efficiency of the service. These users can give a try and convince themselves about the effectiveness of the service before going in for the same. A user can then apply for a full-fledged Voice over IP connection.