VoIP for Business: Give Wings to Your Business

by : Kristen

The Voice over IP technology plays an important role in the proper functioning of a business houses. With its advanced & "unified" process of communication, the Internet telephony solutions can take on most challenges for the clients; as a matter of fact, increasingly, these solutions are giving a tough competition to traditional communication channels. As a matter of fact, the IP technology is coming up as an effective alternative to analog telephone connections. Instead of setting-up a dedicated circuit switching network between the potential users, VoIP digitalizes conversations and transmits the same over the Internet using standard TCP/IP networking packets.

In comparison to the traditional PSTN services, the business houses of varied sizes are opting for the Internet telephony services. As a matter of fact, some business houses have either begun to integrate IP services in their day-to-day communication or are planning to go for this all important switch. The assimilation of VoIP for business is beneficial for the clients in more ways than one.

For one, there is a definite increase in the profit margins of the companies and a concomitant reduction in monthly telephone bills to a large extent. Moreover, businessmen and the users can enjoy calling to distant locations without spending much from their pockets. The VoIP business solutions also enhance customer satisfaction with other facets such as call productivity - wherein data or video are sent over the same IP network.

The VoIP has become an accepted means of communication for many businesses and corporate houses. There are two types of VoIP business services that are based on this very sophisticated technology namely - call termination service and IP Centrex service. Both these services are based on packet switching technique that provides business-class phone capabilities to its users. The call termination services are suitable for the business houses that have their own voice infrastructure and simply wish to terminate the calls over the IP network. On other hand, the IP Centrex is a remedy for those business entities that cannot afford to invest in IP PBX, as it lets the business users to save on operational and capital expenditure.

With these services, the carrier handles the call control, service logic as well as responsibility for network equipment, customer provisioning, operations and administrations. Therefore, depending upon the need and requirement in terms of size and operations of the business, these services can vary from one business to other. As a matter of fact, the best such business service is one that delivers in terms of cost-efficiency, flexibility, scalability and security to the business users.

1. Cost Efficiency: This type of services help the business users to cut down on monthly telephone bills by up to almost the half cost when compared to the PSTN services. In some business houses, monthly bills have been brought down by 40 to 60 per cent. This factor of cost efficiency is purely dependent upon the selection of a service provider as well as equipment that the users use.
2. Availability of built-in features: The Voice over IP services helps the business houses to avail built-in features such as voice mail, call waiting, call routing, caller ID and call conferencing as well. These features are additional when compared to traditional phone services.
3. Flexibility: The Voice over IP services are flexible, in the sense that the users are able to add and extend the telephone lines to their existing IP systems. Therefore, it can be said that with IP services can be used in a more flexible way and the way the VoIP business opportunities can be realized are varied.
4. Security: The business houses enjoy reliable communication over the packet switch technique as the desired communication process is base on the compression of IP packets. Moreover, it allows the business users to enjoy seamless connectivity.

To enjoy the "best" VoIP services, the business houses must use the high speed broadband connections that can guarantee communication with better voice quality.