Practical Implications of VoIP Reseller Program

by : Kristen

The VoIP reseller program is a single means of delivering low cost Voice over IP services by making use of the advantages of a fast Internet connection at home or at the workplace. VoIP makes use of the Internet to transmit calls- virtually. Since in this system, no fiber wires are brought to use and the whole operation is done through the Internet, the hassles associated with transmitting voice signals is comparatively less. In fact, the transmission charges are also low compared to any other system of telephony. This is the reason why people have shifted from their traditional telephone lines to Internet enabled calls. The easy availability of high speed Internet at a place is also beneficial for the growth of such services.

The VoIP reseller programs are made in such a way that one may not have to invest huge amount of money to become a reseller. Most often, the such programs are charged in terms of minutes offered by the resellers. In such cases, most of the termination services provided by the service providers include the necessary software and hardware for free. The resellers offer their services with facilities such as SMS callback, Web callback, caller ID, International local access numbers, international toll free access numbers, call forwarding and calling cards.

The success of VoIP reseller program relies completely on how effectively the plans and agenda are implemented. It is essential as the customers would avail the services based on these factors. Customer satisfaction is also maximized due to the presence of a network with less of congestion and more of bandwidth. Internet being easily available allows the users to access VoIP services in all the places of the world. The virtual reseller program is the means of accessing the services of Voice Over IP at a reasonable cost. The virtual resellers provide services after leasing them from the wholesalers. The overall permutation and combination remains such that the VoIP resellers either provide these services in the brand name of the companies from whom they lease their services or offer services with their own names.

Then, there are certain services that are termed as the premium reseller programs. Under these programs, the resellers are allowed to compete with each other based on some unique features. These could be special facilities to customers such as Lead Protection Registration, technical support, marketing and sales kit, discounts on connections and other reseller discounts. The premium resellers also provide the necessary expertise to the customers for the quick installation of such services at homes or workplaces.

The resellers provide maintenance services and at the same time outsources the technical support that is required for the smooth functioning of organizations. The outsourcing of technical expertise is mainly done through wholesalers or other support companies that help in providing technical support. As Voice over IP is based on the process of conversion of analog signal to digital signal and then reconversion of the signal to analog form, its functioning is not possible without special expertise in this area. Thus, all the facilities of the VoIP reseller programs such as call forwarding, conferencing, and video calling - to name a few - depends on the availability of proper technical support.