Wholesale Carrier Services: a Great Fillip to VoIP

by : Kristen

The wholesale carrier services of VoIP is the means of providing IP telephony services to the users on a wholesale basis. This opens the opportunity for local service providers to offer Voice over IP services to people as they can now avail the same from the higher tiers. However, it is also possible for people to directly access VoIP services from the wholesalers as well.

The wholesale carrier services enable the growth and sustenance of a VoIP service provider of any size. These may be ISP's, calling card companies or cable providers, to name a few. These companies can very well access the termination services provided by wholesalers anywhere in the world. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol that uses communication sessions for providing initiation and termination of minutes to companies that lease services from the wholesalers.

The wholesale carrier services provide unlimited access to people all around the globe. The termination service is most often accompanied with the best of the rates and very high quality routes. Several wholesale carriers also offer flexibility in the pricing of their services. These carriers offer per minute pricing options for international customers. Some of the service providers offer services with toll free origination of calls.

The VoIP carriers often demand the "best" services in terms of access and transit of voice calls. So, in order to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace, the service providers have no other option but to fulfill the demands of the customers. They consequently deliver reliable, cost effective and secured solutions. As a matter of fact, the wholesale IP telephony services offer tremendous opportunities of cost savings to the customers. The IP telephony call rates get slashed to more than half, which in turn reduces the monthly expenditures on telephony. With seamless connectivity, the business users are able to connect with its various branches spread across many places, with no extra service charges. The VoIP wholesale services offer a competitive edge as they are efficient in providing a single channel to transmit data, voice and video together.

The VoIP carriers work in a 24*7*365 support system and thus grievances are met by the customer support department almost instantly. The wholesale providers depend on specific management software for billing and routing of these services to the carriers in the lower tiers. However, the resellers of such services should check for the digital transmission quality, reliability, and bandwidth that the wholesale carriers are providing to them on a 24 hrs basis.