The Facts About VoIP

by : Lisa A. Kaye

Voice over Internet Protocol uses the acronym VoIP, but more commonly refers to the phone service over internet.? VoIP is the new wave in marketing that creates a better phone and data service. The business is open not only in the United States, but worldwide with a wide range of potential growth opportunities for agents, resellers and wholesale brokers. Major companies like Vonage and Skype are the two largest residential VoIP carriers but there are so many facets that go into VoIP like broadband, IP phones, direct sales, channel sales, and wholesaling VoIP termination minutes and worldwide local telephone numbers. Depending on what avenue a person chooses to pursue there is little to no start up capital needed.

The opportunity for getting into the market is varied you can keep you current job or add a value added service and still earn from this new break through market. There is the position of independent agent. Their job is the marketing of the VoIP system to would be clients. The agent then earns a monthly residual commission for the term of the contract from each new client that he/she adds to the company. The easiest position is simply become an affiliate adding a link to your own website.? You will not earn the residuals like an active agent, but you will receive a one time flat commission.

The ability to be a part of the VoIP market at this time is sensational! Many people are getting turned on to a segment of the market that little has been revealed a wholesale VoIP provider broker. The wholesale VoIP provider broker brings buyers and sellers together for a percentage of the deal providing worldwide VoIP wholesale termination. Each country in the world is considered a "VoIP Route" and depending on the supply and demand of the market the rates constantly fluctuate. Some consider it a type of 'commodities trading" with the market constantly changing along with the quality of the routes. There are routes that are considered "grey" because they a low in cost, but the actual overall completion of the calls ratio is lower then having a consistent white route. The ability to be a part of the VoIP market at this time is sensational!

VoIP is a telephone process like none other it offers great functionality along with low cost for service. VoIP is not like the traditional telephone companies no need for service technicians and many wires. VoIP connected to your computer by an IP phone or an ATA system. You can use your own phone and the ATA system or obtain an IP phone. When you travel all you need to do is connect your phone to the computer and you can pick up any phone messages, save them to file or delete whatever is important for you. You not only have an excellent phone system but you are able to use the same system to send data.

?VoIP a very low cost system for you to use is easy to maintain. You need not worry about having to wait days for a technician to come to your home to repair the system. You will not have the high cost of maintaining a repair program or paying a high price to get your system fixed. The system easily adjusted and you can connect it or do what ever you need to get yourself back on line.?

VoIP offers twenty-four hour service, which means anytime you need you can go on line and get in contact with your special technician who can tell you in minutes what to do to fix your system.? The only requirement is that you need to make sure that you have a very good internet provider that gives you high speed for this fantastic phone and data service because your VoIP service is only going to be as good as your internet connection.