New Calling Technology Revolutionize the Segment

by : Kevin Dark

When calling cards had just appeared, they seemed to be the most comfortable and efficient way to call locally and internationally. It is now possible to save significant funds on long distance calls as the rates are significantly lower than those of calls through direct dialing or operators. There are some disadvantages, though, that plastic calling cards including those sold on the Internet have and will likely have in the nearest future. These disadvantages make the process of calling and overall usage a bit uncomfortable. For instance, a PIN code should be entered each time you want to call and mostly often you should buy a new card after you have spent the prepaid minutes on your previous one. Hidden fees are just another pitfall as many calling cards providers do have such features they don't mention in their terms.

The 3longdistance service based on TEL3 platform is the latest advancement in the cheap international and local calls segment. 3longdistance comprises all advantages of the popular prepaid calling cards.

Hidden fees and taxes. When you read many prepaid cards calling providers' terms of service, you usually don't see anything about the hidden fees you'll have to pay to use the prepaid minutes. 3longdistance has no additional fees. The rates are final and you may plan your calling expenses in advance. Annoying obligation to enter PINs. Prepaid calling cards need you to enter a PIN each time you want to place a call. If you forget your code or completely lose it - you won't be able to get the connection established. 3longdistance requires you to enter your PIN only during your first connection. The advanced system then stores your number in its database and identifies you automatically.

Distracting multiple purchases. When you run out of the prepaid minutes on your plastic calling card, you should go and buy a new one. 3longdistance is a smart calling card that refills your account every time money is over.

3longdistance based on TEL3 technology also offers stable rates - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - you know the amount you should pay for your call. A stable cheap rate so that you can make international long distance calls from any phones you use and be content about your money.

3longdistance offers some additional features:

Instant account activation. Sign up online. Get your account immediately activated. Start making calls.

Comfort and flexibility. Register up to 10 numbers for the system to identify your without any PINs. Store up to 99 programmable speed codes so that you only need to enter 2 digits to place a call.

Easy online control. Manage your account whenever you like from wherever you are. Detailed call logs, account balance usage, easy monthly recharge and limits setup.