Uses of Vanity Numbers

by : chandrajeet

A vanity number is a type of toll-free number beginning with 1-800, 1-888, 1-877 or 1-866 and ending with a word, acronym or domain which represents the company and/or the goods or services that it markets. Sometimes called word numbers or alphanumeric numbers, vanity numbers have been proven to be a very valuable and effective marketing tool. They have also been shown to be an inexpensive promotional method in contrast to repetitive advertising through print and electronic media.

A catchy, meaningful and properly chosen word or acronym in a vanity number captures not just the very essence of the company, but also promotes its goods and services. Very importantly, it also sets it apart from its competitors. Having a vanity number which is concise and easy to remember and pronounce will establish your company in the market, subsequently leading to a greater customer pool. This allows for better customer service and, consequently, a boost in sales and revenue. Needless to say, not having a vanity number will put you at a disadvantage alongside companies, big and small, with good and appropriately selected vanity numbers.

Having a good vanity number has enough benefits on its own; having a good toll-free vanity number doubles that. Perhaps the most important benefit to having a good toll-free vanity number is the boost in sales. This is mainly because vanity numbers serve as an added medium to reach out to more customers. Despite the increasing trend of having websites to promote your company, most customers are still more comfortable conversing with a live person to get the information they need before committing to making a sale or availing of a particular service.

Another very important advantage of having a good vanity number is the ability to get feedback from your customers and prospective clients. This particular aspect tends to be overlooked by most companies. However, the value of this is the capacity for you to keep your business going on the right track by staying attuned to your customer’s needs, questions and problems. In keeping with this, a good vanity number paves the way for improved customer service. This also lets you project a strong image in terms of customer service, making you appear customer-centered.

A good vanity number imparts to your customers that you place a lot of value on their needs and what they have to say. It is a way of demonstrating your desire to make it easy for them to get in touch with you.

And because a good vanity number makes for easy recall, there is a higher probability for repeat and second-hand marketing. Customers are more likely to remember how to reach you with a good vanity number than if your toll-free number was composed of a random series of numbers. In other words, with a good vanity number, you can better augment word-of-mouth promotion of your company. And because customers are more likely to remember you, you get more repeat customers and have more customers referring other prospective customers to you.

A good vanity number also makes your company look more impressive, prestigious, and professional. It’s a good means to make your company look more established and secure. Add to that the air of credibility that you can exude with a good vanity number, definitely making it a good channel to entice customers to your company.

It can also be an automatic brand name, further making your company seem bigger than it really is. This holds true especially for 800 vanity numbers, because of the brand quality of 1-800. Also, with a vanity number, you can more easily get hold of a domain name than if you were to use your name alone. That is, is more likely to be available than The best thing about this is that this would put you on top of other domain names in any alphabetical listing.
Lastly, having a good vanity number increases response rates to your advertising, by as much as 11 to 42 percent. This would mean more monetary flow into your business, which is definitely good for your business.

With a vanity number, you can go head to head with even the biggest corporations in the US and the rest of the world—never mind that you are just one entrepreneur or a small group running your business from your living room.