Automatic Call Software for Frequent Callers!

by : Simon Churchgate

Do you frequently use the Internet to make a large number of calls? Are you a subscriber to Internet telephony and need to manage long lists of contacts? Or, do you run a business that needs to make voluminous calls to customers or clients worldwide? Whatever be your requirement, an automatic call software can make life a lot easier for you. Let's explore and find out how.

The Internet has changed the face of communication in a very big way. After revolutionizing human communication by virtue of email and web-based chat and instant messaging, Internet telephony is now making the age-old telephone service obsolete in many parts of the world. Internet telephony not only makes it possible to make international calls at a fraction of the cost of conventional long distance calls, but also offers you the convenience of conference calls, file sharing, recording conversations and much more.

These days, when people desire to talk on the Internet, the name that springs to mind first is that of Skype. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Skype has single-handedly popularized Internet telephony like few other services. From small-scale personal use (like calling up your parents on Sundays) to wide-scale corporate usage (as in telecalling services and the BPO industry) - Skype is virtually ubiquitous. For millions around the world, Skype is synonymous with the finest experience in Internet telephony. And with an automatic call software, one can easily make this experience even better!

An automatic call software, such as an automatic desktop dialer, is an application that lets one automate the manual dialing procedure and manage calls in a more efficient manner. If you have a long list of people to call up in a day, an automatic call software can be a real lifesaver. An automatic call software such as Phipe® (created by PhiStream) not only automates the dialing procedure, but also offers a host of other facilities such as inserting comments on a call into the database of contacts (for corporate users), creating customized call dispositions, viewing information about the contact one is calling, automatically detecting the common file delimiters, create DNC ("Do Not Call") lists, scheduling calls within a session and more.

It's easy to see what a good automatic call software can do for you. Thanks to Phipe, with just a few clicks, a caller can now select a set of phone numbers from either a CRM that exposes its API or upload the same via a CSV file and dial them automatically. Firms and organizations that need to make thousands of calls everyday using Skype, can benefit immensely from such an automatic call software.

Enhance your Skype experience manifold with an automatic call software. You can also increase productivity, save time and cut costs. Anybody serious about taking his telecalling business to the next level should consider installing an .