Earn More With Pc to Phone Service

by : Angela Hayden

Till recently fixed line telephones were the sole way to fulfill our daily communication and networking needs, irrespective of whether you are a residential user or a corporate house. However the high call tariff rate for long distance and international calling has made it unfit to be used for calling overseas. In order to cater to this need for a cheaper mode of calling, VoIP was introduced. However despite being significantly cheaper than the traditional public switch telephony network it didn't gain instant popularity. The major cause for this was its quality. However over a period of years the quality of VoIP call termination services has improved tremendously and is at present standing proudly at par with the PSTN services.

With the help of VoIP you can turn your computer into your telephone in just a matter of seconds. This service is popularly called as PC to phone service and is spreading across the globe like fire in the woods. Another benefit of this revolutionary service is that you can make calls at very cost effective rates unlike calls made through PSTN. Talk to your family and friends to your hearts content!

How to make calls from Net to Phone

Calling from your computer to a standard phone is quiet easy. You need to first download the dialer which is provided by your service provider through the Internet. Feed in your user name and password. Once this is done, simply put in the destination number along with the country and area code. Hit the dial button and in an instant you are connected to your loved ones! Simple, easy and quick!

Equipments Needed To Make Internet Phone Calls

Internet phone service is essentially a simple and a hassle free method of making calls. You would a require a computer with high speed Internet connection, preferably 128 kbps. Besides this a headphone and a microphone too would be needed.

Considering the advantages and the hassle free service provided by this long distance phone service the opportunity for entering into field is massive. One of the best and safest way to utilise this service while investing minimum capital is to opt for a service provider who would offer you with a tailor made broadband phone service platform. This would save you from purchasing expensive technical equipments needed to sell this service thereby reducing the risk factor a great deal.