Voice Over Ip: the Answer to the Communication Puzzle

by : Kristen

One of the fastest and most cost efficient ways to communicate, Voice over Internet Protocol - or VoIP as it is more commonly known - has registered a phenomenal growth within a short span of time. It has become quite fashionable to make the switch from traditional phone services to voice over IP solutions. And more and more users - both individual as well as institutional - are doing just that.

A changeover to VoIP means different things for different people. For corporate users, there is a definite improvement in their bottom lines. There is also an improvement in the organizational efficiency and a definite reduction in 'communication faux paus' within the corporate environ. For individual users, the benefits are no less amazing. For one, they are able to make international calls at rates that were unimaginable, even a few years ago. Moreover, they are also able to enjoy quite a few extra features that generally come bundled with these services.

Moreover, the setting up of IP telephony is not that difficult to accomplish. A broadband connection - either through DSL or cable - is the only pre-requisite for end users to make the most of the voice over IP solutions. With this in place, users can make the most of the Voip services - they can even make pc to pc phone calls absolutely free.

The Voip providers come with attractive plans; for instance, users can make free calls within a certain pre-specified area. The monthly charges are also quite nominal, which make these services a user's delight. Other equally amazing services are on offer; one can know the name of the person making a call, for instance, without having to pay anything extra.

The Internet connectivity has to be in place for these solutions to be operational. Unlike a traditional phone service, which can be used even during power break-offs, the voice over IP technology cannot be applied when the networks are down. An individual user could also have to face problems while using these handsets while dealing with emergency situations. As a matter of fact, it is rather impossible to trace back VoIP numbers to the source destinations. Small hiccups notwithstanding, the VoIP technology has quite a few things going right for it as well. Good voice quality, low costs, mobility, flexibility and easy deployment ensure that users remain satisfied with this new and innovative technology.