The Advantages to Use Wifi for Efficiency

by : Erny Setyawati

Using Internet technology is expensive in developing country and poor country. The causes are varieties, beside lack of network infrastructure, expensive hardware and software, although software is developed to open source now days. Based on World Summit Information Society (WSIS) at Jenewa, followed by 150 countries and 12000 degelation world wide, declared that developing country and poor country should get target to be Global Information Society in 20015. The delegation sure, people that know much global information, get achieve Millennium Development Gold (MDG) target easily. Finally, economy improvement will be achieved.
Poor countries that has digital divide problem, quickest way to achieve the target, must find cheap network infrastructure. WIFI or wireless fidelity is solution to implement it. Indonesia, as one of developing country at south east Asia is successful to implement it. We are sure, the infrastructure obstacles are difference between one country and others. We can tell, the benefits to use WIFI,

1.WIFI can be developed without cable and connect building to building, use radio wave with free frequency 2,4 GHZ. WIFI has send and receive capacity until 54Mbps.

2.WIFI network use access point / hot spot, can communicate to all personal computer and laptop, Pentium 3, memory 256 MB. Coaxial cable to use from antenna to server. Wireless client: PCMACIA / PC Card. Gateway, server, modem, router, proxy.

3.The software that run to the WIFI network usually include. Use windows and Linux and web base system.

4.Hot spot can develop at open yard so that people can access Internet freely.