Pc Phone Calls: Save on Your Monthly Bills

by : Kristen

With the PC phone calls, the users can save a lot on international calls with no additional cost. It allows the users to make a call from their personal computer. This advancement in the telecom industry has actually changed the way of connecting with others. Without tangling with the wires, the users can enjoy chatting, calling and sending of files to others. As a matter of fact, calls over the internet are transmitted in the form of compressed data packets, which help to lower down the calling cost compared to the traditional means of connectivity.

As a result, after proving their existence in the big and not-so-big organizations, these Internet telephony or PC Phone services have reached a large number of homes, worldwide. With the PC phone calls, users can take advantage of making unlimited calls to domestic or far-off locations. One can enjoy making the domestic and international calls at cheap rates. For making a call, the user need to have a PC, an internet connection, the VoIP services and a headset. And the best part is that while talking with the friends or family members, quality of speech is in no way affected.

There are many exciting features that are responsible for increasing the popularity of VoIP PC phone such as:

1. Inexpensive calling: Calling over the PC phone costs much lower than PSTN services. The entire credit for the same goes to the packet switching technique, wherein calls are charged according to the usage. Moreover, the basic monthly fee is also comparatively lower than traditional telephony services.
2. Free calling features: The users can enjoy PC Phone with value-added benefits without paying anything extra. Call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail, caller ID and three-way calling are some of the many services that can be experienced in the VoIP phones. Furthermore, the users can send data, pictures or videos at the same time, while communicating on the phone.
3. Unlimited long distance calling: Without worrying about the heavy monthly bills, one can also enjoy unlimited calls on local, national and international domains.
4. Portability: The users can make and receive phone calls, wherever there is an Internet connection. Therefore, one can enjoy calling even at the remote location.
5. Easy Installing: Unlike PSTN services, the PC Phone calls are easy to install. The basic equipment needed for VoIP calls is a broadband modem (either cable or DSL), a router, and an IP phone.

Therefore, for these reasons PC phone service is preferred by busy professionals, globe trotting executives and house makers alike.