Comcast - Still Around After All This Time

by : Julia Hall

Since it's birth in 1963, has developed into a world power in cable telecommunications technology and developed and perfected these technologies into quality and affordable services. They have not stood still as time advanced but used it wisely to perfect digital cable technology that provides crystal-clear imagery and excellent CD quality audio. Digital technology is also used in their voice (telephone) plans making calls audible with more secure connections. These services are now provided in 2- and three-service bundling plans to save subscribers money, time, and effort. All services through one supplier, and one payment for all three. Strides in technology have allowed Comcast to provide digital television signaling and provide more viewing options to consumers. Digital signals provide crisp, clear imagery with exquisite CD-quality sound. Pictures and audio have improved tremendously over the past decades and digital technology expands viewer options. Added interactive features serve to provide more conveniences and ease of use. The On-Screen Programming guide is an example. It indexes programs by channel and time several hours in advance and makes it simpler for the viewer to select programming. A Parental Control guide allows unwanted program to be blocked by using rating, content, channel, title, date, or time. On-Demand features popular recent movie releases and other special events that may be viewed at any time. Another plus for On-Demand is that any show may be paused, fast forwarded, or rewound for viewing again and again. This is certainly not true of Pay-Per-View events. DVR and TiVo are also available to add more convenience as it enables you to record and store favorites for viewing at later times. This is a great asset when it comes to busy schedules. Comcast now offers more television programming selections than satellite providers - more than 275 great channels that include all popular and local channels as well as many sports channels, movie channels, and more. Specialty packages of sports and movies are also available. High definition viewing is in demand and Comcast answers with great HD programming. Super fast high speed internet access is one of the most recent options by Comcast, and their service is more than one hundred times quicker than dialup services. These speeds allow immediate access to all websites with lightning fast downloads of music, movies, data, and much more. In addition to outstanding services, Comcast offers firewall and software protection against spyware and other forms of viruses and help prevent identity theft. Join virtual worlds of gaming to partake in interactive games across the nation. Another recent addition to Comcast's services is telephone plans. This plan includes all services - except international calling - for one low flat monthly fee. Call anywhere in the United States or Canada and talk for as long as you like with no extra charges. In addition, all the features now provided with additional charges by your current provider are provided at NO CHARGE by Comcast. So never fear that you will lose Caller ID, call forwarding and waiting, redial, or 3-way calling by switching. International calls are charged but at rates much lower than those charged by other companies. Digital telephone service enables better sound clarity and connections so both the caller and the receiver will hear more clearly.

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