Submit Blog, Article, PR With Logo: Bmp, Jpg, Gif Formats

by : Andrew Karasev

Photo or picture file attachments are becoming norm and even requirement for nowadays news posters. If you are journalist or press release writer, you should support your publications with photo and video illustrations. We invite you to post your articles to Pegas Planet Media portal, where we are supporting novice writers and internet blogs authors, making first step in their journalism. Let's review guidelines:
1.Logo formats. Please consider making your company logos in GIF as there you can specify transparent areas for logo naturally fit to background pictures. If this is not a concern, then you can deploy JPG, BMP as well

2.Picture size. Here you should consider contemporary monitors, where resolution is probably on average 1024x768. Of course, you have something like 1600x1200, but typical internet surfers do it from public places or from their offices, where monitor resolution is typically lower

3.Author small photo. If, instead of logo you place author photo, make it relatively small to follow the rules of genre

4.Movie. If you like to support your PR with film, try to make it fit to bandwidth restrictions as well as monitor fraction size - MPG, AVI formats will do the job

5.Why should you go beyond old-fashion text only posting? This is up to your believe in modern technology - if you think text will do the job in placing your news high in google, yahoo, msn page rank, then you should only post text articles. However if you believe that media is breaking text-only borders and internet readers expect more from your publications, the you should place photo and video blogs, press releases, news and articles