A Look At Some The Options Available For Inkjet Refills

by : Teahupoo

Although you might have originally think that the most expensive part of your computer was the original purchase, if you have had your computer for longer than a couple months and print out documents often probably know by now that computer upkeep is more than some bargained for. In addition to the original price, you have to keep an updated virus protection program, buy paper all of the time, as well as keep the ink cartridges full. For those that print off their computer for business of personal purposes, they know how much of a financial burden can be posed when the ink cartridge runs low.

The cost associated with trying to keep up the printer maintenance can range from as low as $10 or so for a color inkjet cartridge and up to as high as $50-$75 for laser toner cartridges. You may be able to fill your existing ink cartridge 3 or 4 times for the same price it would cost you to purchase a new one.

When trying to make ends meet there are some different options you can consider. Ink jet refill kits can be purchased to save some money but there are some definite down sides to attempting this task on your own. This process requires that you use a little needle and syringe type devise to refill your existing empty cartridges but this is a dirty process and the ink quality cannot be guaranteed to meet manufacturer's specifications. Also, if done improperly, this can ruin your printer and void any existing warranty you might have on the equipment.

Another option is to buy an ink cartridge from a distributor other than the original equipment maker were the cartridges are designed to be compatible with to the original ones. This lowers the cost by approximately half of what you would normally spend. Just like in the previous option, you may end up voiding the warranty of the printer and if something goes wrong you might end up being out in the long run.

Trying remanufactured or recycled inkjet and toner ink cartridges is another way to save some money and slightly safer. When empty containers are returned to the manufacturers and refilled by trained technicians and since this is the full time work of an actual business, it might be the safer way to go.

Another idea might just be to ask your current ink supplier if you can get a discount by returning your old cartridge when you purchase a new one. Many businesses take advantage of this practice and receive a decent amount in discounts towards their future purchases. The best decision for your needs can only be made by you weighing your options. After you know what all of the options are and what you each decision will cost you in the long run.