The Purpose of Ink Cartridges

by : Vgevge

Ink cartridges are components used for printing through the ink jet printer. These can be either refilled or can be replaced with new cartridges. The function of the Ink cartridges can be determined very easily. Without them, the process of printing would not be possible, because it is very well known that without ink, writing on paper can never be possible.

In inkjet printers the processes through which these cartridges work is very technical. There is a partition placed in the cartridge where the ink reservoir is and it is heated by a tiny piece of metal. When there is a signal in the printer, a current flows across the metal plate which in turn warms up the metal. As the metal gets heated the ink in the cartridges gets vaporized and converts into tiny bubbles. These bubbles one at a time exceed the nozzle and in consequence the force drops the ink onto the paper. This process is so very fast that it takes only a few milliseconds and the process of writing or printing on the paper gets completed very fast unlike the handwritten processes.

However the writing processes through ink cartridges can take place smoothly and swiftly only if the flow of the ink through the cartridges is smooth. For a smooth flow of the ink it has to be kept in liquid form rather than in dry form. Therefore if there is any complication in the process of printing then the reason for this might be the one mentioned here, and for that an examination and the state of the ink will be fruitful. However, if such a problem arises where the ink is dry, then this dry ink can be removed by the use of the isopropyl alcohol by gently rubbing on it.

Before that for printing two separate kinds of cartridges are required and are being used in the printer. These two types of cartridges are filled with separate colors. One cartridge is to be filled with black ink and the other is to be filled with the three primary colors. These three primary colors are red, blue and green and the presence of each of these colors in a cartridge is a must. Other than these, there are certain other cartridges too which are particularly used for printing the photographs only.

The ink cartridges vary based on the type of the printing supplier. All type of cartridges may not be of use to all kinds of printer, therefore, they produces their own Ink for their particular purpose. Some use the refilled cartridges while some use the replaceable ones.

Thus it has been seen so far that the use of ink cartridges in the printing process are of immense importance and are of various types.