Why You Should Use Compatible Ink Cartridges

by : Richard J. Martin

In today's world, we all use personal computers for either personal use or for a small business. Chances are that we have a printer attached to it.

Over the past ten years, the market and use, for both personal computers and inkjet printers, has increased dramatically. Technology, over the same period, has brought the cost of computers and printers down. However, the usage of printers has increased tenfold. As a result of this increase, most people quickly found that using brand named printer cartridges, such as Lexmark and Hewlett Packard, became quite costly.

Enter The Compatible Ink CartridgeSo, what are compatible ink cartridges? Simply put, they are a reused ink cartridge shell with all new parts contained within that shell.

So What Are They Advantages?First, the quality that is produced from this cartridge is just as, if not, better than that of the brand name ink cartridges. The result will be professionally made documents.

Second is cost. You will see that over the long run, you will save anywhere from 54% to 76% using compatible ink cartridges.

Third is that using compatible ink will NOT affect the warrantee of your printer. It is illegal for a company to void your warrantee just because you use a compatible ink product.

So it makes PERFECT sense to purchase compatible ink products. With only new componentsFree Articles, these cartridges are an economical alternative to expensive name-brand printer cartridges and supplies. This provides you with big savings over brand-name printer cartridges without compromising the quality of your output.