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by : Thomas R. Cutler

Distribution software is a key element in the automation of supply chain management (SCM) functionality for small to medium size companies. From customer relationship management to inventory control and transportation, finding the best SCM solution ensures superior customer satisfaction for distribution companies across a number of industries.  Increasing manufacturing and distribution has become a blended operation.

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According to Rebecca Gill, vice-president of Technology Group International (, “Smaller companies require quick and easy order management, automatically generated purchase requisitions, and extremely accurate inventory management. For larger firms, SCM distribution software must offer more advanced functionality like online product configuration, multilevel customer price structures, and full replenishment processing (which takes into consideration such elements as momentum, demand, vendor lead times, and minimum order quantities.)"

Gill noted that her company’s technology solution, Enterprise 21, allows manufacturing and distribution companies which require kitting or light manufacturing the ability to take advantage of process and discrete manufacturing functionality in the MRP/MRP II module, while warehouse intensive companies utilize the fully integrated warehouse management system (WMS) to the maximize their return-on-investment (ROI) through the usage of EDI, bar coding, RFArticle Search, and RFID technologies.

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