Personal Digital Assistants: The Size Consideration

by : Jeremy Maddock

It is important to remember that mobile devices vary enormously in terms of size. Some are tiny enough to slip easily into a small pocket, while others can be almost as large as a notebook computer. Before you buy any device it is a good idea to try out different sizes, and decide which general “build" of device you are more comfortable with.

Another important consideration is the keyboard and other input devices. If the PDA you are looking at has a built-in keyboard, you should try it out a bit before buying. Try typing out a couple of sentences and see how long it takes you, then compare the results on a number of different devices.

For smartphones and PDAs without a built-in keyboard, you should try out whatever type of text input it does have. It is also important to determine whether you will need to buy an external keyboard, and if so, to factor this expense into your total cost.

When you think about it, thinking about a PDA’s physical characteristics is simple common sense, but a great number of customers don’t bother doing this. Keep in mind that its well worth spending a few extra minutes in the store for a device that will cost you several hundred dollars, and that you will likely use for a number of years.