The world’s Calling, Where are you!

by : Andrew Stratton

Using signals from satellites, a GPS receiver is able to pinpoint its exact location on earth, no matter what time and where you are. After the compass, it's the next biggest thing in navigation. A GPS receiver can track not only where you are but where you've been, or where you're headed towards and when you'll get there! Global Positioning System will help you find your way anywhere around the globe.

It follows principles such as of the compass which will point towards the north no matter where you stand on Earth. GPS satellites have just taken the method of keeping track of directions a bit further.

While the challenge of knowing the direction is met, the hurdle of night vision has changed too. Night-vision technology will let you see someone standing over 200 yards away even on a pitch-black night.

Sirius’ Howard Stern and XM’s Snoop Dogg are the current market leader in night vision technology devices. Besides their basic, they now come with added features like 100 free channels of music, news, sports and entertainment. A number of car manufacturers are installing them right in the factory.

The gifts of the electronic world are innumerable. To give you the ultimate in convenience, there are remote entry devices. These gadgets can be used to unlock car doors, trunk and even the garage door when you reach home, taking away the bother to depend on others to do the needful. The technology enables you even to switch on your air-conditioning system at home or office when you head towards it so that when you reachFree Reprint Articles, you find the temperature suitable and it takes no time to wait to be comfortable.

Remote-entry system inside a car lets one in and out of the vehicle safely and without the nagging fear of being locked in or left out.