The Network of Cat 5 Cable

by : Reggie Andersen

It may seem part of the cable network of daily life. And that's because it is. But 5 cable cat networks increasingly are being seen as an important investment in productivity, health and morale.

That doesn't mean that businesses are falling all over themselves to shell out the 5 cable cat network, however. In fact, today more than ever the business owner is feeling the strain of high technology costs and wants to get the most for his 5 cable cat network dollar, according to the founder and executive vice president for sales.

Longbotham, whose wife Jennifer is president and coowner, names a number of trends that have changed the 5 cable cat network market in recent years - and others that have just intensified.

It was started almost two decades ago, named after the couple's son, who now works there. Longbotham finds that 5 cable cat network has changed a great deal since he began in used 5 cable cat network with two employees. Refurbishing, refinishing and rebuilding were the name of the game, until the past five years or so. Now, the mid-market is making used 5 cable cat network obsolete, since new mid-market is almost as cheap as refurbished wares.

The past three to five years have seen the evolution of the mid-market supplier with faster delivery and better 5 cable cat network. It has almost replaced the demand for used product. Longbotham has 35 employees now, with four times the volume of business he had when he had 100 workers.

They are more efficient now, with computers and selling is less labor intensive than being a primarily installation-based business. Longbotham will still install 5 cable cat network that he sells and also provides reconfiguration, consulting and customization services.

The major trends Longbotham sees gaining momentum now involve ergonomics, mobility, flexibility and a modern edge.

He notes, however, that the "image" or upscale market of 5 cable cat network represent makes up only about 12 percent of the 5 cable cat network total, contrary to popular belief. And that's compared to almost 50 percent being given to the now burgeoning mid-market.While the Big Four reach for the mid-market, midmarket manufacturers have reached towards them, investing in upscale designs.It's totally changed the market in the past 10 years.He finds that companies - especially in the tech sector are not conservative at all in their desired appearance.

Companies want to go to a hightech look in their office, informs Longbotham. He points to one example, Web Source, (whose parent company is Net Strategies Cos.) for which he has finished the first stages of installation.

The pendulum has swung several times between 5 cable cat network, and the increased privacy and limited distraction of 5 cable cat network. Now, Longbotham sees a definite trend to 5 cable cat network and integrated project areas where small groups of employees can see each other or a supervisor can see everybody.

When the pendulum swings again, however, it may not be as costly as in the past, thanks to today's new 5 cable cat network flexibility.