Hit the Road with Mobile Dish This Holiday Season

by : David Johnson

One thing that you can count on in the coming months is that the holiday season will be here quicker than you think it will. With it comes, so do the parties, vacations, the family get togethers and a chance to gas up the RV and go somewhere to unwind a bit.

If you currently have a satellite TV system in your RV did you ever happen to notice that it won’t pick up live or real time satellite transmissions while it is on the road? The only thing your satellite system will play on the TV screen when it is rolling down the highway is prerecorded material and it certainly won’t pick up the weather channel.

Who needs the weather channel when they are on the road during the winter weather season anyway? Dish Network has just unveiled their latest technological innovation in satellite TV programming for Recreational vehicles and it is called Mobile Dish. What Mobile Dish is, is a satellite TV programming service that is designed, engineered and marketed exclusively for recreational vehicles.

It currently has one-hundred channels of great programming and there are plans in the works to add more channels in the near future. With Mobile Dish you get to watch live satellite TV programming while you are rolling down the highway and this means that you can get live up to date weather reports as you are driving.

Mobile Dish completely does away with the cumbersome satellite dish that is currently plugged onto the roof of any RVs that currently have a satellite system, because it uses a state of the art low profile antennae that is permanently attached to the roof.

No need to set up or take down the Mobile Dish antennae and it won’t snag on branches or low hanging obstacles like standard satellite dishes are notorious for doing. Just like all of Dish Networks other services, Mobile Dish is competitively priced and easy to have installed and it just makes too much sense.

The time you really need satellite TV programming in your Rave is during the long drives through the night on the road, not when you arrive at your destination. Who in their right mind wants to drive for untold hours to a beautiful vacation hideaway and then spend their time sitting and watching TV? Then any time you have to make a quick trip to get groceries or supplies you have to climb up on the roof of the RV and take down the dish and then redo it when you return.

With Mobile Dish you just turn the key and roll and it’s just that simple. Once it is installed, you never have to touch it again other than to turn it on and off. The reception is always fantastic with Mobile Dish because it is the same digitized signal that you can always expect from Dish Network. Before the holiday season is upon you, one thing that you can do to prepare for them is to have Mobile Dish installed in your RV.

he features of Mobile Dish.