Instant Slow Motion Replay with Hughes Receivers

by : David Johnson

Hughes Electronics is the exclusive brand of electronics components that DirecTV stocks for its family of TV viewers and they selected Hughes for a good reason. Quality, durability and great reliable functions are the reason why they selected Hughes.

While other service providers have chosen to cut corners and use cheap, off brand electronics with their satellite systems, DirecTV made the decision early on to spend the extra money and go with the better product with so many more functions.

The Hughes Executive receiver has the option of digital video recorder Powered by TiVo as one of its many great easy to use functions and what a great function it is. With this specialized DVR feature you get slow motion instant replay at your finger tips. It also gives you the ability to zip right past any annoying commercials that might pop up.

This feature also allows you to pause a program and return to it right where it left off. Fast forward and reverse are also at your discretion with TiVo. Not everyone carries receivers with this ability so don’t assume that they all do. If a receiver comes with digital video recorder it will only have the ability to record programming to replay later and that is all.

Hughes is a recognized leader in satellite components and systems and they are known for their great easy to use one touch features. They are also well known for producing a quality product that will last and be trouble free. Having a lot of functions on a receiver is great unless they don’t work right and are prone to malfunctions then they are all a pain in the neck.

Satellite systems and components are no different from any other home electronics components in that you get what you pay for and cheap electronics components have a well earned reputation for being fragile and unreliable. TiVo is a patented electronics system and DirecTV has to pay extra for each and every unit that it is installed in, but it is an absolute must for sports programming.

In the past sports enthusiasts had to rely on the broadcaster to decide what was worthy of an instant slow motion replay and far too many plays went by that were more than worthy of a second closer examination and this left many a sports fanatic screaming and throwing things at their TV sets.

Now DirecTV puts the decision in the hands of the viewer where it should have been all along anyways. Also a lot of sports enthusiasts like to drink adult refreshments while they watch their favorite sporting events, which inevitable leads to more than the average number of bathroom breaks. With each trip to the bathroom, the sports fan runs the risk of missing a crucial play in the game and this has led to an entirely new sports event called the bathroom-sprint.

DirecTV and TiVo have now completely eliminated the bathroom-sprint from the sports fans roster of events. Now they can press the pause button and know that when they return the event will start back up right where it left off. If you are a true sports fanatic make sure that your satellite TV programming service has TiVo in their receivers, or you might have some regrets.