Advantages , Disadvantages of Voice Mail in your business

by : Russell Clark

Voice mail is often considered by business owners as impersonal and irritating to their customers. This, however, is a myth and far from the truth. The major problem for all businesses is that their client and customer phone calls are not attended promptly. And this is one of the major reasons as to why a majority of phone systems have added business voice mails. Though business voice mail systems are very useful, they can be misused by employees to avoid client and customer calls, which could harm the business. When an employee is not available to take the call, most businesses have a provided an automated voice mail to take the call in the absence of phone attendant. This is comfortable for the customers as it allows them to leave a detailed message in the mailbox of the employee. The customer may feel free to talk about an issue in detail and without being concerned about the confidentiality of the voice mail. Business Voice Mails are extremely helpful for the employees as well as the customers. The employees might feel free to leave their desk, as they could come back and check their voice mails for any missed calls and get back to those customers. Using this, a company can build a better image in the eyes of the customers, as they would be assured that their needs would be tended to, even if an employee has not received their call. Some of the customers might even prefer leaving their message on a voice mail rather than talking to someone personally, as leaving a message on the voice mail would allow them to say, what they want to say without being interruption. The employees too appreciate a business voice mail, as they get their messages more efficiently. See for other benefits of using voice mail. All business voice mail systems can take messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is very useful, as it gives the callers the choice to make a call at a time convenient to them. Sophisticated voice mail systems can even notify the employee on a pager as soon as a voice mail is received. All in all, voice mail systems have many benefits for a business.