Old Satellite TV Vs DirecTV

by : David Johnson

Don’t keep messing around with the totally obsoletetelevision service known as cable.? Evenif you have not heard of the great deals provided by DirecTV satellitetelevision, it does not mean that they do not exist.?? For many years people have known thatsatellite television, as a rule, is too expensive for the average household.?? As a matter of fact, satellitetelevision was considered a luxury of the rich or wealthy for many years.? With DirecTV and developments in modern technology,this is all a thing of the past.?? Forone, do you remember those gigantic satellite dishes from way back in theday?? It is surprising how much smallersatellite dishes have gotten over the years but even more surprising for onethat is looking into satellite television, is how much smaller the cost ofsatellite dishes has gotten.??Originally, getting satellite television meant a lot of bigexpenses.? First of all, you had to goout and purchase all of the necessary equipment for it.?? This could be crazy because back then, mostof the equipment seemed to cost a fortune!

Secondly, satellite providers of back then (as well as someeven of today) charged start up fees.?Thirdly, the monthly fees were comparatively outrageous to that of theregular cable monthly bill.? It wasclear, back then, that the only people that cou ld afford satellite televisionwere the well to do.?


This is all a thing of the past now with those moderntechnological advances and, of course, DirecTV.?? DirecTV offers what has been considered bymany to be the best deals available in the worldwide market of satellitetelevision.? For one,? DirecTV actually offers all of the equipmentneeded to actually get service from the satellite network, absolutely 100% freeof charge.? All of the free gear includesthe satellite dish itself, a Hughes television top satellite receiver, a remotecontrol, as well as certain luxuries such as the TiVo and DVR units (DVR standsfor Digital Video Recorder much like it’s now obsolete predecessor VCR whichstood for Video Cassette Recorder).?? Ifyou looked around you would be hard pressed to find a better deal than thatalone, but that is certainly not all.?Secondly, DirecTV offers no set up fees, start up charges, or eveninstallation fees of any kind.? That isright folks, DirecTV offers a 100% absolutely free installation of all of thegear you need (and some of the luxuries)to watch satellite TV.?

This free installation is also a professional one and youalso have the option of having the same installation done in 3 other rooms inyour home, also totally free of any charge of any kind.???? Thirdly,?DirecTV offers the most lucrative deals today on satellite hometelevision programming packages.?? Thesepackages are actually comparable, in some cases, to what you may be paying nowwith cable television.? Due to the factthat everything else is free, a relatively small monthly payment seems likenothing.? The value is unbeatable andwhen you throw in other great features offered from DirecTV, such as parentalcontrols and HD TVFree Articles, nothing even comes close!