Comcast Now Has Bundled Services

by : David Johnson

Of course you recognize the Comcast name as the premiersource of cable TV programming in the U.S. but did you know that Comcastnow provides digital telephone as well as broadband high speed internet serviceas well. It’s called bundled services and there are many benefits to you theconsumer in getting all of these services from one company and having all thecharges for these services combined on one easy to understand bill.

?Great savings are theone main benefit you will reap along with better service as well. Comcast cableservice has one of the lowest costs per channel that you will find anywhere onthe market now and they are getting the problems worked out that have hinderedthem in the area of high definition programming as well. You just can’t find abetter user interactive pay per view service than the one Comcast has, that candeliver a movie of your choice to your TV almost as soon as you order it.

They have a wide assortment of programming packages as welland there is one there to suit anyone’s budget and their base level entrypackage has the lowest price tag of any on the market. Comcast’s telephoneservice is loaded with great savings and it starts off with free nation widelong distance for each and every one of their customers. All of your basicphone features are free as well and that includes a new voice mail service thathas an extra large message capacity.

?There are a total oftwelve free phone features that every customer receivesHealth Fitness Articles,? so it’s easy to see how quickly the savingscan add up. Comcast uses a flat rate phone billing system that allows you toknow each month exactly what your bill is going to be at the end of the monthand it also eliminates all the surprise charges that other service providershave used to run up your bill in the past. Comcast phone service is all digitalnow so you get far more reliable calling as well as crystal clear reception andthis is something that makes using your phone so much nicer.

?If you are currentlyusing a standard dial up internet service provider then now is the time to stepup to broadband high speed internet service from Comcast. It’s a full onehundred times faster than standard dial up and there is no waiting time to logon to use your computer. With broadband high speed service you can brows theinternet with a new speed and ease that you haven’t been able to do before.Just click the mouse and everything just pops onto your screen almostimmediately.

For music and video downloads broadband high speed is almosta necessity because it does in seconds what use to take you tens of minutes.Your time is precious and you shouldn’t spend it staring at your computerscreen waiting for things to happen that will happen immediately with broadbandhigh speed internet service.