Comcast Has A New Way Of Doing Things With Bundled Services

by : David Johnson

Comcast is introducing the public to quite a few things andall of them are an improvement in telecommunications services. Comcast hastaken its reputation as a leader in the TV programming industry into thetelephone and internet service business as well and they now provide threeservices that you can get from them and they all come with fantastic savingsand features.

?It’s called bundledservices and the way it works is that you get all these services on one simpleand easy to understand bill each month and because you are getting all of theseservices from Comcast, they are in a great position to offer you great savingson them.

?Comcast’s new way ofdoing business has taken their competitors by surprise and they have respondedby grouping together to market their services together to look similar to whatComcast has to offer, but after you have signed up for them you find out it’sthe same old way of doing things and you get separate bills from separateservice providers and no real savings or discounts.

Comcast has taken the phone service industry by storm withits revolutionary new flat rate billing system that has completely done awaywith all the add on charges that other phone service providers run up theircustomers phone bills with. The latest digital technology has drasticallyreduced Comcast’s operating costs and now allows them to give you for free somany things that you are used to paying for.

?All of your basicphone functions are free of charge including voice mail caller ID and callwaiting just to name a few of the twelve functions that you pay nothing forfrom Comcast. You also pay nothing for your nation wide long distance callingbecause it also comes free of charge from Comcast.

Comcast is still the leader in the TV programming industryand you just can’t beat the solid reliable connection that a cable has fordependability. All of Comcast’s programming is digital now, so you can alwayscount on a crystal clear picture and CD quality high fidelity sound when youare watching your TV. They have added more channels of programming to theirrepertoire and they now have a full two-hundred and seventy-five channels fortheir family of TV viewers.

?They carry all of thebest in premium movie and sports programming and their cost per channel intheir programming packages is as low as you will find anywhere. Comcast’sbroadband high speed cable internet service is the fastest internet serviceavailable and it is a full one-hundred times faster than standard dial upservice.

There also is no log on waiting time, because with Comcastyou are always connected so you can just sit down and start in any time youwant to on your computer. Their service also comes with life time McAfee antivirus protection with free life time up grades and they also offer freefirewall protection software for life also. With the new speed that Comcastinternet service has you can move from website to website almost as quickly asyou can click your mouse, so it is a great time saver as well. You can find outmore about Comcast’s bundled services by contacting them online.